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Custom Molded Rubber Parts

Rubber Bonded to Metal Cores


Foulke Rubber Products has the capability to mold rubber tires or any rubber shape to metal cores.   This process is similar in some aspects to rubber roller covering in that the core is primed and coated with a bonding agent prior to curing under heat and pressure.   In the case of molded tires on metal cores, the cured tires are removed from the multi-cavity mold and in most cases are the finished part after flash cleanup.   In some cases the cured wheel or pulley is mounted on a finishing lathe for precision grinding if required.


Molded Pullys
Molded machine parts

Molded Rubber Parts

Compression molded parts  up to 22" x 22" can be molded in our compression molding presses.   This is an ideal method for relatively small quantities or prototype parts.  Smaller parts can be molded using multi-cavity, single   height molds or stacked multi-cavity molds to yield many more parts per cycle.  Contact us for a quote on your part and we will determine  the most economical mold design for the part size and quantity required.   We will then give you a quote for the mold and the molded rubber parts.

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