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We specialize in recovering worn or damaged rubber rollers.   Upon receipt of your rollers, we will inspect and repair your cores and journals if practical.   We can provide a quote for new cores if not repairable.   If cores are reusable, we will strip, recoat and grind your rollers to like-new condition.


Many customes find that their original equipment mnufacturers (OEM) require that new rollers must be purchased, even though only the rubber coating is worn or damaged.   Generally, the cost of new OEM rollers is 2-3 times the cost of recovering the rollers.   We will consult with you on recovering material which may be better suited to your application than the original covering material.  


If the rolls are prematurely wearing, we can suggest a compound with the same durometer and greater wear resistance.   This can usually save considerable machine down time as well as replacing rollers at a substantial savings.




Recovered Rubber Rollers

Obsolete and Hard to Find Rollers

Many older and obsolete machines are still in use and are economically getting the job done.   Replacement parts are often not available from the OEM or too expensive to ship from overseas.   FRP can reverse engineer any roller that you have without specifications and determine the rubber compound and durometer required to replace with an identical part. 

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